The next stage of motorcycle ABS

The art of miniaturization lives on in Japan, of course

With ABS brakes set to become mandatory on bikes over 125cc in the future it's no surprise there's a flurry of development work going on at the moment – and this is one of the neatest solutions we've seen yet.

Developed by Bosch's Japanese R&D department, it's an ABS unit so small that it's been integrated with the front brake lever and master cylinder assembly. That includes the electronic control unit, the valve unit and solenoids, and presumably there's an ABS pump in there somewhere as well. It looks like this system is designed to work with the front wheel only – the text is in Japanese, so we're going on the drawings alone here – but even so it's a masterpiece of miniaturization, particularly compared to the bulky ABS units of just a few years ago.

Lets just hope it manages to prevent crashes; mounted on the bars, if the bike does go down you can expect a bill for a new ABS unit as well as the rest of the damage...

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