New (ish) Suzuki

SV650 Sport endorsed by John Reynolds

Here's Suzuki's special edition of the popular V-twin SV650.

The SV650 Sport features a full fairing, a single seat conversion and a year's free fully-comp insurance included in the purchase price of 4699 british pounds.

Obviously got a few to get rid of.

At a nod and a wink at the SV650 Sport's undoubted track prowess Suzuki have also arranged inclusive insurance cover for up to eight track-days a year for a not-unreasonable 125 quid extra per year. That's probably less than most regular track-dayers spend in the Redgate bar over a full season. Good work Suzuki people.

But the funniest thing about this Suzuki-issued press information? It's the quote from John Reynolds

It's a beauty.

Here comes 'John': "Despite the obvious attraction for new riders, the SV650 is actually a great sports bike which is very competent and entertaining on track. Due to the V-twin power characteristics it (is) not intimidating for first time track-day riders either".

Did John Reynolds actually say all that word for word? No, of course he didn't. Some Suzuki rep' made it all up. Probably.

Rush down to your Suzuki dealer and have yourself away an SV650 Sport, safe in the knowledge that when you cart-wheel off your 'competent and entertaining' SV650 Sport at Charlies 2 or perhaps even through Duffus Dip, that extra 125 quid was money well spent.

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