New 200bhp 'Busa for 2007

We hear rumours of a ZZR-1400 beating 'Busa

You knew Suzuki, being Suzuki wouldn't take the launch of the ZZR-1400 lying down.

this story was first broke here on the forums.

Rumours are that Suzuki had a brand-new Hayabusa in productions, scheduled for launch in 2008. However, recent word on the grapevine is that Suzuki have changed the launch date and brought it forward to co-incide with the Paris show on the 21st of September this year.

Obviously, with 1000cc bikes capable of well over 180mph, you have to question the aims of these of these 'hyper-touring' bikes. If ever a bike had one aim, the new 'Busa's soul aim has to be to beat the ZZR-1400's top speed to reclaim the title of 'Fatest Production Bike'.

In terms of appearance, the new 'Busa is thought to look much closer to its GSX-R siblings. The 'love it or hate it' slippery, yet bulbous looks of the current 'Busa are not set to stay. The 'Busa probably won't feature any engineering porn like the monocoque frame of the ZZR-1400, but it will have new suspension, and radial brakes in a bid to make its scales-busting weight better handling on twisty roads.

Don't expect Kawasaki to let all that development time on the ZZR-1400 go to waste. No doubt they're already working on the ZZR-1500..

More pictures soon.

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