Motorcyclist 'paralysed' after Range Rover ploughed through riders at a rally

But the only person so far charged is a motorcyclist accused of sparking the incident

A MOTORCYCLIST may never walk again after a Ranger Rover ploughed through a crowd of riders at a rally.

Jeremiah Mieses, 26, suffered broken legs and spinal injuries that have left him paralysed, his wife said.

Mieses was run over by Range Rover driver Alexian Lien, 33, at a rally in New York City on Sunday. Lien, whose wife was in the passenger seat and two-year-old child in the back, was then pursued by a large group of motorcyclists and drove into another rider before being brought to a halt by busy traffic. 

Video from a rider’s helmet camera shows the chase. At the end of the footage, one motorcyclist drops his adventure bike and smashes the driver’s window with his helmet.

Police say Lien was pulled from the car and beaten, although this is not shown in the video. Lien needed stitches to his face. His wife and child were left unhurt.

So far the only person to be charged over the incident is a motorcyclist. Prosecutors say Christopher Cruz, 28, cut in front of the Range Rover and braked so heavily the car made contact with his rear tyre.

Cruz is accused of reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment. He has been released on $1,500 bail. His attorney, H. Benjamin Perez, said his client denied all the allegations.

The dramatic footage, posted online anonymously, shows early on the moment a sports bike brakes hard in front of the car.

The Range Rover comes to a halt and a number of riders also stop, blocking its path. Lien, who police say was concerned for his family’s safety, then accelerates into the crowd.

Mieses, from Lawrence, Massachusetts, was run over by the car as it sped away, his wife Dayana said.

Mrs Mieses spoke as her husband remained in hospital in a coma. She said:  “There's no hope for his back.

"They crushed his spine. They broke it in two different places, so he will be forever, forever paralysed.

"When you look at the video you can see he (the driver) is running over something. It's not just a motorcycle, it's a human being that was under there."

She added: “Everyone wants to blame the bikers for something this man did.”

A second motorcyclist is reported to have suffered broken legs in the incident.

At one point in the chase, riders bring Lien to a halt by forcing a car in front of him to stop. But as one rider tries to open the door, the car in front moves and Lien again drives into a motorcyclist blocking his path.

Lien speeds off again, heading north on route 95 towards the Cross Bronx Expressway but is forced to stop by heavy traffic after taking the W 176 SI into a built-up area.

Prosecutors said the investigation continues.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the annual rally attracts over 1000 riders to Times Square.

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