Motorcycling delivers £5.3 billion a year to UK economy

And £2 billion in 'added value' says report

MOTORCYCLE sales deliver £5.3 billion a year to the UK economy while the industry generates 'added value' of more than £2 billion, according to a report.

The report commisioned by the Motorcycle Industry Association says the industry directly employs 58,500 people in 5,700 business, pays over £1 billion in tax, and exports around £450 million a year, up 12% since 2008.

The £2 billion added value is more than generated by fuel retailers, call centres, the performing arts and PR and communications, according to the report, called 'Economic Benefits of the UK Motor Cycle Industry 2014'.

The report, by ICF Consulting Services, says: 'For comparison, this adds more value to the UK economy than each of the following sectors: agriculture, forestry and fishing activities; the performing arts; nurseries and other child day care activities; call centre activities; PR and communications activities; veterinary activities; the activities of news agencies; passenger and freight water transport activities; retailers of jewellery and watches; and retailers of automotive fuels, lubricants and cooling products in the UK.

'The industry directly employs more than 58,500 people in 5,700 businesses, which is more than each of the following: agriculture, forestry and fishing activities; the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; the manufacture of textiles; retailers of jewellery and watches; retailers of automotive fuels, lubricants and cooling products; veterinaries; performing arts; the market research sector; and taxi driving.'

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said the document should be read by all those making policy decisions about transport.

He said: 'There are now nearly twice as many motorcycles licensed (and license exempt) for the road than there were 20 years ago and the general trajectory for motorcycle use is upwards. Around a third of all new registrations are for smaller motorcycles, likely to be used for commuting, and we see this as an increasing trend with motorcycles helping to tackle congestion as part of a low carbon future.'

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