Motorcycle law shake up in Northern Ireland

Tough talking legislation on the horizon for bikers

THE British Motorcycle Federation objects to plans to lower speed limits for motorcyclists in a bid to reduce accidents.

One of the other proposals was to prevent learner riders from riding unless accompanied by a fully qualified rider but since a CBT has not yet been implemented in Northern Ireland, this was also rejected.

The BMF did back plans for bike friendly barriers and an approved motorcycle intructors database.

BMF’s Government Relations Executive Chris Hodder said: “We are pleased that many of our comments have been accepted, but the ban on unaccompanied learning is unnecessary and will be disastrous for the small bike market. It shouldn’t even be considered until the CBT system has had a chance to play out.”

Correction: As highlighted by righttoride in the comments below, the BMF incorrectly stated in the press release that the CBT had yet to be implemented into the Northern Ireland motorcycle learning scheme. Jeff Stone from the BMF adds to the retraction:"Since CBT was only introduced in Northern Ireland in February this year, the BMF want time for CBT to bed in before such action is considered."


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