Motorcycle fatalities down by 13 per cent

The decline is despite increasing motorcycle use

Motorcycle fatalities down by 13 per cent

Motorcycle fatalities were down by 13 per cent in 2016, the lowest figure since records began in 2006.

Statistics released in the Department for Transport’s ‘Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report’ revealed that motorcyclists were the only road user to see a decrease in fatalities on 2015, from 365 to 319 – accounting for 18 per cent of the total road deaths.

Meanwhile, slightly injured motorcyclists also decreased seven per cent from 14,511 to 13,425.

These declines were despite a two per cent increase in motorcycle road use on the previous year, which saw motorcycles cover 2.8 billion miles in 2016.

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety for RoSPA, said: 'Among all of the negative figures to emerge from 2016’s statistics – especially for vulnerable road users – it is heartening to see the number of motorcyclists being killed is down, despite an increase in the amount of motorcycle traffic.

'This demonstrates that motorcycle safety messaging, which has been promoted now for a number of years through initiatives such as the DfT’s THINK! campaign, is having a positive effect.

'The huge number of motorcyclists taking advanced riding lessons and assessments through RoSPA’s RoADAR network will also be helping to drive casualty figures down.'

The number of seriously injured motorcyclists increased 10 per cent from 5,042 in 2015 to 5,553 in 2016.

The overall number of road deaths in 2016 totaled 1,792 - the highest it has been since 2011, when 1,901 people were killed. Vulnerable road users, which includes motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians accounted for 49 per cent.

While this figure has risen four per cent on 2015, the report cautions that it ‘is not statistically significant and it is likely that natural variation in these figures explains the change.’

More importantly, figures showed a 44 per cent decrease on road deaths over the past decade, despite increasing traffic. In 2006, there were 3,172 fatalities in reported road accidents – 1,380 more than 1,792 recorded in 2016.

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