The most exciting bike manufacturer right now?

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A report recently published by BikerSurvey makes interesting reading for motorcyclists and anyone in the motorcycle trade. Earlier this year BikerSurvey carried out the largest online-only survey of bikers in the UK.

The survey aimed to gather information from the UK's bikers, to document UK biking. The questions ranged from how many bikes do you own, to how many miles you cover a year and what tyres you use to how many times you've been stopped by the police.

One of the questions that picked up on, was In your opinion, which manufactuer is currently producing the most exciting bikes?

Over 1100 bikers responded to this particular question and the results make interesting reading.

Despite Ducati's range of Sport Classics, they're intended 'Hypermotard' and their strong superbike range, they didn't make it into the top five. Bimota are making a comeback and producing quirky bikes once again but this recent surge hasn't been strong enough to rank them in the top five.

Honda are in at number five. The tried and trusted brand probably would have wanted to rank higher than this, but despite producing bikes with a great image for reliability, the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR haven't rocked the boat enough to take Honda to the top spot. Honda's usual dominance in racing circles hasn't been so strong this year, this could be a possible factor in why more people haven't ranked them number one.

Triumph have been steadily building up a strong range of Retros and association with the likes of Paul Smith has helped to raise the brand's image and appeal. The marque is, as ever, strong overseas but their attack on the tight-knit supersports class has earned them kudos. The 675 not only had the looks but the go too and it's impressed the motorcycle press the world over. No-one would have predicted this three years ago.

Kawasaki have waded in at the deep end with their ZZR-1400, taking it to Suzuki's Hayabusa and setting new records for production bike power outputs and top speeds. Us bikers, we clearly love this sort of thing. The ZX-10R also made its mark on the litre-bike class, after years of the ZX-9R dragging its heels, the 10R and 6R are stronger than ever and higher sales are a reflection of their popularity. The ER-6 has also been a radical shake-up to the otherwise bland entry-level market. Kawasaki are coming in from all angles.Suzuki claim the number two spot with 16% of the votes. Their GSX-R range is, for the first time in a few years, completely in sync. The 600 still gets great reviews in magazines, while the 750 retains its cult image in a niche where it has no rivals and the 1000 remains the superbike to be seen on. Away from the cult of the GSXR, Suzuki's GSR has been a strong seller and brings performance and style to a budget concious market. Expect the rumoured new Hayabusa to stir things up a little more.

You voted Yamaha to the top spot with 18% of the votes. The R1 has been their cult bike for the past few years but, despite power and performance hikes, Yamaha have managed to tone down the R1'a image since its launch in '98, where it instantly became the superbike to have. The new FZ1 has received mixed reviews, but it is styled to look more aggressive and exciting. But undeniably, the new YZF-R6 has shaken up the hotly contested supersports market. Aside from its jaw-dropping looks, talk of a 17,000rpm rev limit and a genuine 110bhp at the rear wheel have made the R6 the supersport bike to have. And in a country obsessed with supersports bikes, clearly this bike alone is a winning formula for Yamaha.

We expected to see two marques rank a lot higher, BMW and KTM. BMW have been taking on their opposition head on over the last 12 months. Now there's no doubting they're shaking their pipe and slippers image with bikes like the K1200R, K1200S and the F800S, along with the rumoured new superbike, but clearly opinions need a bit more time before they forget BMW's bikes of the last 20 years. KTM have also assaulted the market with their capacity-hiked range. The KTM950SM almost created its own category and although popular, it hasn't done enough to stir emotions and make you think they're one of the most exciting brands right now. Perhaps when they reveal their RC8 superbike, opinions will sway in KTM's direction.

A surprise number one for Yamaha perhaps, but one that shows a clear flagship bike can make all the difference.

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