Labour: UK faces total camera network shutdown

Government opposition says funding cuts will force councils to pull out of road safety initiatives

LABOUR HAS entered the ongoing debate over speed camera funding, claiming councils across the UK will axe their camera networks in order to save vital revenue for more pressing purposes.

Speaking earlier this week, David Sparks, the leader of the Labour group on the Local Government Association, said he believed may councils across the UK would slash camera operations altogether in order to direct what funding is left to other resources.

The comments follow Oxfordshire's decision to scrap its camera network at the end of last month following the Coalition's decision to slash road safety funding.

"I think there is a real possibility that the pressure on council budgets will be so severe that even those councils that are in favour of speed cameras will pull out of partnerships for financial reasons," said Mr Sparks.

"I think this is an example of spending cuts having an impact that had never been forecast."

The cut in funding has been compounded by the news that many of the UK's old-style 'wet' cameras, which use film instead of digital technology, need replacing at a cost of £40,000 each - something most, if not all, council's cannot now afford.

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