Kawasaki makes clear its plans for next generation of bikes

Japanese manufacturer wants to use artificial intelligence to create bikes that will bond with riders

AT THE END of August, Kawasaki in Japan said it was working on artificial intelligence systems for its bikes.

Thanks to the language barrier, Kawasaki’s goals didn’t come across particularly clearly but now an English language announcement from Kawasaki has clarified the firm’s intentions.

Kawasaki says that it’s progressing with its plans to develop the next generation of motorcycles that can ‘grow along with the rider’ with the use of information and communication technology, plus artificial intelligence.

Kawasaki says its next generation of bikes will be developed using the ‘Emotion Generation Engine and Natural Language Dialogue System’, which will enable the rider to communicate with technology that’s capable of reading the emotion in the speaker’s voice.

The concept of this system is to ‘open the door to a new world of unprecedented riding experiences’ by offering the rider ‘pertinent hints for enhanced riding enjoyment’, or relaying useful information.

Using the electronics of the bike, the system could also change the bike’s settings based on rider experience, skill and riding style.

Although still at the concept stage, Kawasaki’s ultimate goal is to build a technology that creates a relationship between rider and bike, with the bike developing around the idiosyncrasies of the rider, to further the riding experience.

What do reckon? Will the result be nannying bikes that monitor riders and tell them off when going too fast or being otherwise naughty? Or bikes that seek to truly understand what you want from motorcycling?


but... what we actually want is cheaper, better quality, more reliable bikes. Sigh

snave's picture

Kawasaki are developing Natural Emotion Rider Dialogue to allow Greater Entertainment and Enjoyment of Kawasaki?

Are we certain that this is not being developed by a Communication Research Engineer Testing Interactive Networks working with a Fellow Undergraduate Conning Kawasaki With Ill-considered Technology?

Because if so, while I'm all for acronyms and USP's, such Pertinent Imposition on Skill and Style means they Can Understand my Next machine won't be from Them.

I think that's clear...

Simon Greenacre's picture

snave - Does your Position Indicate Some Solemn and Thougtful but Abundant Knowledge Informed by Nurturing Guidance?

It sounds like it.

Early Kawasakis just wanted to spit their riders off, now they want to 'bond' with them! Yet more marketing babble lost in translation.

snave's picture

...when you turn to your bike and say: "I fucking hate green..." does it refuse to start?
Do I have to sing it to sleep and cover it with a blanket every night and leave the garage light on?

This has to be the most ridiculous notion Kawassaki have ever had. And given they made the H2, that's saying something.

dudeofrude's picture

Just more shite that will either break or cost an arm and a leg to get serviced.
As above, we need cheaper more reliable bikes.
What we don't need is Technology making things worse. Just look at cars, too many distractions

BubbaDaytona's picture

The future is HERPES.

LS650's picture

Exactly. I want my bike to start every time, go where I point it, and stop quickly when I squeeze the lever. All this gumpf sounds like silly nonsense that will cost more money.

snave's picture

Because if they are claiming the bike `thinks` then it shares culpability with the rider for any and all `mistakes`.

How many points are there on the corporate Kawasaki licence? And how up to date is the corporate manslaughter insurance?
Because `Failure to Understand Corporate liability at Kawasaki` knows what it might mean for those involved in the project...

...just ask Those Eedjits who Lied about Steering A car...
I think we're done with acronyms.

A stupid idea, ill-considered, by people who spend their lives buried on PC screens, not in the real world riding motorcycles. Waaaaaay to kill the brand, Kawasaki...

Spend the billions of development Yen on providing free advanced riding courses for customers:

Job done

All we need is a bleedin centre stand.


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