Kawasaki announces new Z1000 for 2007

News article on the 2007 Kawasaki's Z1000

Kawasaki have launched another assault on the naked class, this time with their revised Z1000. Sharper angles and a more aggressive looking front end are the first things that register when you look at the bike. That is, if you can take your eyes off those massive dual-exit exhausts.

There are conflicts on what the revised Z1000 engine actually is. Some say it's from the first ZX-10R, while others reckon it's still the modified ZX-9R motor. No doubt Kawasaki are holding that card close to their chest for now, although we're going with the ZX-10R option. Suspension looks to be dervied from their superbike range and radial mounted calipers are very much from the ZX-10R. The other major change is the re-designed chassis, which looks to lean on technology Kawasaki used for their monocoque ZZR-1400 chassis.

Stunning looks, coupled with an uprated chassis will be provide a strong temptation to swap your sportsbike for the newly revised Z1000. The 'old' Z1000 was no bad handling machine, with an engine that suited the chassis, but was cussed for being bland. The motor from the ZX-10R is as wild as they come, so here's hoping it's part of what looks like a fantastic package.

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