Just 1 in 200 police get a fine or points for spee

Thousands being let off where public have to face court

You don't have to fear one of these if you're an officer of the law

A POLICE spokesman once branded drifting over the speed limit as being as unexcusable as driving a knife into someone, yet from over 90,000 police caught speeding or running red lights last year, just 350 were penalised.

This figure smacks of double-standards.

In Thames Valley alone, over 4,000 speeding offences were racked-up by police officers, but none were prosecuted.

If like us, you're a regular road user, you face an 84% chance of being fined £60 and adding 3 points onto your licence if you're caught speeding. If you're a Thames Valley police officer, the figures say the chances of being fined are 0%.

A force that may have something to hide is the North Yorkshire Police, who didn't provide any information for this survey, their excuse was that they weren't aware of any incidents where officers were speeding.

The Police Federation said: "Safety is paramount for all members of the public. However there are instances where officers have to break speed limits or go through red lights.

Yet more evidence that speed cameras are purely for revenue? We think so.

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