Join the reunion with BMW Motorrad? No thanks!

News article on the BMW R1200R

BMW, the exciting Bavarian brand, will be in attendance in Brighton (Sept 8-11) to publicly display their dramatic new R1200R. This exciting, landmark event will no doubt cause quite a stir. To add to the knicker moistening drama, the fun loving corporate anoraks will also be hi-jacking an Ace (?) Cafe © ride-out to the seaside capital of all things gay.

Fascinating BMW Motorrad experts will also be on hand throughout the day to offer useful information and interesting advice on BMW's exciting range of bikes. Visitors who haven't already nodded off can also pick up a free copy of the latest piss-poor edition of BMW Bikes magazine and get details on the jolly interesting World of BMW customer activity programme. Now doesn't that sound good?

Oh yes, indeedy.

For further information on the range of BMW motorcycles, pick up any copy of the splendid Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, or as it's known in the trade, Murdercycle, Spurt and Seizure.

One word of warning to anyone visiting this entire miss-able event in Brighton: never ever, ask a stranger if they'd mind if you 'push their stool in' on your way to the bar. Just such an event caused a near riot on a BMW ride-out in Manchester's Canal Street last summer.

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