Isle of Man TT: Live from the TT

Visordown checks in from the IOM TT

I'M WRITING this from my hotel room, having just got back from doing a lap of the TT course and, as you may have already gathered, they opened the course today to mere mortals like me after cancelling the racing due to poor weather conditions. Mist over The Mountain, as they call it, but it wasn't the mist that would concern me: as I was making my way over the infamous Mountain, it was the driving wind and spats of rain that dissolved my confidence. And that was at 80mph, let alone 180.

It's hard to describe everything that's going on in the Isle of Man at the moment, the whole island swarming with activity, it's like a beehive, except these bees don't have wings, they have Akrapovic end cans.

I don't know why, but I want this

He wasn't the only one!

Thanks to Honda for the loan of their Hornet...

Lapping the course really drives home how amazingly brave and skilled these riders are. It takes a special type of person to guide an R1 at flat chat in sixth gear down roads littered with signposts, lamp posts with the harsh reality that if it all goes wrong, the only thing stopping you flying into someone's garden is a brick wall.

Some would call them stupid and to a lot of people the TT doesn't make sense, but when you stand by the side of the track, with only a hedge between you and a bike doing 190mph, you forget about what logic should dictate and you become completely in awe of what we as humans can do. It's biking at its best. I'm completely inspired by it. It just doesn't make sense, no matter how many times I see riders flying down Bray Hill, bottoming out and leaving just a few leaves swirling in the gutter. By the time you've taken that in, they've just done 3 more corners and are settling into their groove, with 35 miles left to go.

For me, the TT's biggest charm is the fact that you feel like you're surrounded by people who like the same things you do, think the way you do and appreciate the same things in life as you do.

We went out last night and you'd think that, like some other biking events, there would be an undercurrent of aggression, macho-man mentality and bravado, but it was an amazingly chilled out night, spent swapping stories and trying to describe just one of the amazing moments you saw out on the course earlier that day.

Unfortunately, I'm only here until Sunday and obviously, I hope the weather gets its act together so we can all see some racing. We interviewed John McGuinness last night and we'll post the interview up here as soon as we can. One thing that's clear is that John is passionate about the TT, he loves it here.

He seemed amazed that he'd gone out in practice and nailed a 129mph average lap. And it's not often you hear a rider tell you that he's genuinely scared at some parts of the course. A humble admission that gives you a rare insight that proves he's human after all, despite superhuman performances around this island.

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