I'll go to jail says OAP parking ticket rebel

60-year old biker fights council over 'unfair' parking charge

A SIXTY year old motorcyclist has said that he will go to prison rather than pay an "unfair" parking ticket given to him for parking his bike in a city centre.

Leslie Nicholls from Staunton, said that has been parking his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the bike stands outside in Northgate Street for the past decade without incident.

This week he received a £70 ticket from a city centre traffic warden and that's sparked a public row between the veteran biker and council officials.

Nicholls said: "It's ridiculous. I, and other bikers, have been parking our bikes there for many years and we have never had a problem with the authorities. I've even had police and traffic wardens chatting to me and admiring my Harley, until this week. I saw the traffic warden who gave me a ticket and when I questioned her, she said she had been told to tighten up and that I was the fourth motorcyclist she had given a ticket to that day.
"So why, in that case, don't they put up a sign saying 'no motorcycles'? This is just another way of them getting money and it is unfair. I am not paying the fine and I am appealing against it.
"I feel so strongly about this that I am prepared to go to jail rather than pay."

Gloucester City Council spokeswoman Heather Clarke, said: "There is a sign further down towards London Road which makes it clear this is a pedestrianised zone and vehicles are not supposed to enter except for access and unloading. In that case this motorcyclist will therefore already have broken the law."

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