Horex goes under

Goodbye to an innovative oddball

BACK in September we reported that Horex – maker of the weird-and-wonderful 160bhp V6-powered VR6 Roadster, Classic and Café Racer – was starting insolvency proceedings. And now it seems that everything has come to a head with staff being laid off and the factory closing.

Sadly, it seems that the decade-long effort by the firm’s founders and backers to create the ambitious bikes has ended.

In case they passed you by (and since Horex never managed to bring its machines to the UK, that’s quite understandable), the firm’s machines used a purpose-made, narrow-angle V6 engine, which means that while it was a ‘V’ configuration, both cylinder banks were close enough together to share a single cylinder head. The head itself was unlike anything seen on a bike before, with three camshafts; the central one acted on both the front bank’s inlet valves and the rear bank’s exhausts. Weird, but actually quite a neat way to make a large, V-configured engine fit neatly into a motorcycle frame.

Since the firm’s liquidators were unable to find investors prepared to take the company on as a going concern, it now seems certain that the firm’s assets will be sold off to pay its creditors. That does mean that another entrepreneur could snap up the intellectual rights and even the production machinery, perhaps building a spin-off of the Horex design in the future, but it’s a long shot.

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