Horex applies for insolvency

Grim news for radical VR6 range

EVER since its weird, three-camshaft, narrow-angle, 160bhp VR6 engine was first shown naysayers have been suggesting that Horex wasn’t set to be with us for long. Now, sadly, it seems they might have been right.

In fact, Horex surprised most onlookers by not only turning its concept into a real, running motorcycle but putting it into production, and at a price (around €20,000) that wasn’t insanely high.

While the bikes have been selling, it’s been in small numbers and the firm has now started insolvency proceedings at the district court in Augsburg. Horex still hopes to get on top of its financial issues and find new investors to give it a secure future with the aid of an insolvency administrator, and at the moment the VR6 Roadster, VR6 Classic and VR6 Café Racer 33 are still being built and staff salaries are being paid.

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