Goodwood: Festival Of Speed - Atmosphere

Gallery of atmospheric shots from the FOS

See them, hear them and touch them - if no one's looking!

THIS YEAR'S Goodwood Festival of Speed promises to be the best in the event's history.

A stunning line-up of two and four-wheelers, as well as a host of celebrities for the world of motorsport, are on display to satisfy even the most avid petrolheads.

What makes Goodwood so very special is that the general public can get up close to the stars and machinery - it's an event that's unparalled anywhere in the world.

One minute you'll hear the screaming wail of Honda's 6-cylinder 250 racer, the next the stinging rasp of Kevin Schwantz's Luck Strike RGV500 two stroke. And it's all happening within an arm's length of where you're stood.

See some of the world's finest bikes

Another mad BMW...why can't their bikes be as exciting?

One for the smokers...

Ferrari basic as it gets

Hodgson...returning to BSB?

Honda concept car...bring it on!

Martini Porsche...who drinks that stuff anyway?

Small, wirey and's Jezza

1990 Nissan Le Mans car...four wheels but still orgasmic

Get close to the celebs - if that's your thang

See the factory mechanics work on the bikes

One of these or a MotoGP bike...what's in your fantasy garage?

You'll need the map - Goodwood's a big event

Toyota concept car - a bit better than their Corolla

Hydrogen powered concept car - no smokers allowed!

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