Four times as many pensioners on the roads

Government survey confirms what we already knew

FOUR TIMES as many people aged 70 and above hold a current driving licence compared to those in the same age bracket in 1975.

60% of people aged 70 and above hold a driving licence according to a survey by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (Pacts). In 1975, just 15% of those aged 70 or older had a driving licence.

A further 80% of people aged between 60 to 69 currently hold licenses, and the report predicts that they will carry on driving for the next two decades. It also found that more than 80% of people aged 30 to 39 are motorists and will continue to drive until around the year 2050.

There are 121 people over 100 years old that hold a current driving licence. Apart from being obliged to renew their licence every three years after their 70th birthday, older drivers face no other restrictions.

An official transport body has urged the Government to come up with a "vital" strategy aimed at older drivers. Pacts said: "The report therefore concludes that older road users are here to stay and that a national strategy for an ageing population is vital."

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