A fine day for North Wales Police

Cops keep messing up – this time with speeding fines

Blunder-prone cops have done it again. North Wales Police incorrectly issued £18,000 of speeding tickets to road users travelling at over 30mph – in a 40mph zone. It’s the same force who used a picture of a rider’s severed head in a safety presentation without the prior permission of the dead biker’s family.

Officers made this recent howler while issuing fines to drivers at Bala in Snowdonia. North Wales Police Superintendent Simon Shaw admitted that police had wrongly issued the fines: “Gwynedd council carried out a review and discovered the original order had not been revoked,” he said.

“Consequently, despite a system of street lighting properly reflecting a 30mph speed limit the section of the road was still in fact the subject of a 40mph speed restriction.”

The force will now have to repay the fines, which total over £18,000, but the cost is set to be much higher - more than £50,000 - when administration is taken into account. Lucky one of the people on the receiving end of the fine was more vigilant than the officers issuing it.

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