The end for UK's 1.6 million potholes?

New machine does the job of five men

WITH OVER 1.6 million new potholes appearing in the UK's roads following the freezing winter conditions, local councils are now discovering a new piece of equipment to repair the dodgy pieces of tarmac that plague the country's road system.

Councils in Wales, Scotland and now England are enlisting the use of a £140,000 Jetpatcher - a revolutionary machine that can fill one pothole in about five minutes for around £60.

The time-consuming and expensive traditional method of repair is now being replaced by a one-operator system that can fix 2,000 potholes a week, reports today's BBC News.

It's claimed around 50 are already in use throughout Britain.

"A high majority of Scottish councils have bought or leased one. We've had a lot of enquiries in England. And a lot of councils in Wales are already using Jetpatchers," says a spokesman for Jetpatcher UK.

It's estimated the repair bill for the UK's potholed roads will be about £100m this year.

What's more, the Jetpatcher won't need a break every 20 minutes for a cup of tea and a fag.

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