Electric motorcycle land speed record broken

California firm proves that electric categorically does not mean slow

LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLES set the 189mph record on the 1.3 mile course at El Mirage, Southern California, with their new solar-powered motorcycle. 

The previous electric motorcycle speed record at El Mirage was beaten by 15mph.

The new record is for production motorcycles – electric or gas-powered – for that track venue.

In 2010, Lightning's achieved 173mph, broken again by them in 2011 with a stunning 215mph over a longer five mile course at Bonneville Salt Flats.

The motorcycle is powered by a portable solar array. This feeds into the motorcycle via a 48-kWh battery pack that attaches to and fuels the bike’s on-board batteries. From a usability point of view, this should enable the bike to stay ‘fueled’ even when far from the grid, potentially indefinitely.

This is relevant because, excluding the the aerodynamic body cladding, this is exactly the motorcycle that Lightning Motorcycles will be putting into production and sold within a couple of months. Currently they manufacture custom-build electric sport bikes, with a hefty starting price of $38,888.

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