Ducati Hypermotard - TWO's first thoughts

TWO's Jon Urry direct from the Hypermotard launch

Ducati Hypermotard sliding

I WANTED to give you a taster of what Ducati's new Hypermotard is like. I'm currently out in Sardinia riding Ducati's brand new Hypermotard, which isn't a bad way of spending a bank holiday weekend, well if it wasn't raining...

Yes, it's been a bit of a wash out, the road ride this morning on the standard bike was a bit damp (luckily I packed my jeans rather than my waterproofs) but it did dry up for the track test of the S version.

Tell you what; this bike is a bit special. Ok, the 1100cc air-cooled engine isn't the fastest thing out there (I saw 200kph on the clock on the road) but Ducati has giving it a dry clutch (30% lighter action, so non-gorilla handed people can now operate it) and lightened some internal components. It revs up quickly and wheelies like a supermoto should, which upset the Ducati people who were guiding us on the road.

On the track the S version (uprated suspension and brakes) handles better than other big supermoto bikes. The chassis is excellent and the brakes something else, which isn't surprising, they are the same mono-block calipers as the 1098's! And the Hypermotard only weighs 177kg.

Highlight of the day? Ruben Xaus overtook me sideways, tyre smoking, knee on the deck and with one hand giving it the 'V' sign to the cameraman. Flash twat (I nearly ran off the track watching him).

Read the full review in the next issue of Two Wheels Only magazine, out the end of the month.

Cheers, Jon

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