Car drivers don't hate bikes

Survey says we're not (too) irritating...

DIGGING through the results of the motoring survey by Admiral Insurance reveals a couple of surprises. One is that bikes barely get a mention, the other is that when they do, they're not vilified.

The only time the term “motorcyclist” appears in the whole 56-page survey is as a possible answer to the question: “Which types of road users do you find irritating?”

You might imagine that bikes would score highly given the reaction some people have to motorcyclists, but it turns out that most of the car drivers surveyed really weren't bothered. Only 18% of men and 21% of women found motorcyclists irritating (on the road, that is), with an overall19% of respondents saying they were irritated by bikers. That, surprisingly, makes us among the least-irritating of the possible answers, scoring well below taxi drivers (37%), lorry drivers (34%), elderly drivers (41%), caravanners (29%), 4x4 drivers (26%), tractor drivers (26%), van drivers (34%) and cyclists (37%).

So next time you're sailing past a traffic jam full of steaming drivers, remember this: you're not irritating them.

If you're a pensioner who tows a caravan with a 4x4, however...

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