Budgets cut, speed cameras axed

Is this the beginning of the end?

GOVERNMENT spending cuts have forced councils to abolish 370 speed cameras nationwide.

Rear facing cameras cost up to £2000 each to remove and £6000 to repair vandalised units.  Councils have little option but to focus spending on only the highest risk sites.

Cheshire East Council has withdrawn £600,000 from the infamous A537 'Cat and Fiddle' route as apparently not a single fine has been issued on 'Britain's most dangerous road'.  Road users simply use a short-cut to bypass the £1.3m speed reduction project.

In the West Midlands taxpayers foot a £136,000 bill for making 86 'dummy' cameras look functional and the repair of maliciously damaged equipment.

Could trees be the answer? A study in Norfolk revealed that a man-made avenue of trees and hedges limited drivers peripheral vison and therefore their desire to speed, resultng in a 20% reduction of those speeding between 40 and 60MPH.

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