Brits amongst worst drink drivers in Europe

New study shows UK near top of results for drink-related driving offences

BRITAIN'S ROAD users are among the worst offenders in Europe for drink-driving, a new study has revealed.

Six per cent of drivers get behind the wheel despite being over the limit, according to research by road policing group Tispol.

Only Switzerland, with 6.6 per cent, and Moldova with 19 per cent had a higher proportion of drink-drivers.

The average of positive tests across Europe was just 1.7 per cent.

Some 829 tested positive, among almost 14,000 breath tests carried out in Britain as part of Tispol's week-long, pan-European study last month. A proportion of the offenders were motorcyclists.

Britain also has the second-highest drink-drive limit in Europe, with motorists allowed 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Some European countries have a zero limit, while most enforce limits of either 20mg or 50mg.

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