British GP team to the rescue...

Thsi project needs all our support

Remember Red Bull Ducati, the 2001 BSB Champions?

Well the owner and team manager of that squad, Ben Atkins and Nigel Bosworth, are busting their collective guts to put a package together to ensure that the glut of young UK racing talent is given the same chances and opportunities as Italian and Spanish riders in the MotoGP paddock.

Not before time.

Team Tyro, Latin for 'recruit', is the name of the new outfit and their aim is to have four riders on the grid for 2007 with a two-rider 125 and two-rider 250 team.

Speaking to Visordown this evening, Ben Atkins said: 'The level of support we've had for this project has been truly staggering and it really highlights how much everyone believes we need a project like this to give our wealth of young domestic talent the platform they need to succeed and excel in MotoGP. From Sports Minister Richard Caborn to all the staff at Honda UK and Honda Japan, the assistance has been almost overwhelming.'

But Atkins and Bosworth are both fully aware the level of the task they and their team have set: ' I know what the cynics will say,' said Atkins, ' they'll be wanting and expecting us to fail but I don't think anyone actually realises just how far we've got. And this project's not just about me and Boz, we've got a really dedicated and highly respected team of engineers and marketeers working incredibly hard to make this whole exercise a success. Cynics can say what they want but we still believe it's better to have tried and failed than not to try at all.'

Not that failure seems to feature in Atkins' history of business or racing.

Nigel Bosworth also echoed these sentiments. ' It's impossible to keep a secret in this sport it would appear but we're an awful long way down the line to achieving the budget we need to make this happen and make it happen properly. We don't need people to knock the project, we need them to back it, both morally and financially. The response we've had from our approaches to UK companies has been magnificent. MotoGP is achieving huge global audiences and it would seem that championing young UK talent and showcasing it to the World is ringing the right bells with many of the companies we're talking to.'

The team are currently finalising the lease on a midlands based property as the race headquarters and speaking to a multitude of British riders. More news on the riders and backers as soon as it breaks... good luck fellers.

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