Bikers hate poor indicating by car drivers

Survey finds what factors irritate motorcyclists the most

A SURVEY polling motorcyclists on their pet hates has found that the most irritating thing on the road is car drivers not using their indicators properly.

1000 motorbike owners were polled by insurer Swinton, with 53% saying that incorrect indicating was the most annoying, the poll also revealed that 21% of bikers get irate when a driver throws a cigarette butt out of the window, with around a fifth of them saying they had been hit by one thrown from a car.

Among the other results were poor road conditions, a lack of observational skills and a concern for the behaviour of fellow motorists. The top five results from the poll were:

  1. Motorists not using their indicators correctly (53%)
  2. Drivers flicking cigarette butts out of their window (21%)
  3. Potholes or uneven road surfaces (11%)
  4. Drivers overtaking unnecessarily in unsafe weather conditions (9%)
  5. Ineffective use of mirrors, poor observations and general awareness by others on the road (6%)

What annoys you the most? Answers below...

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