Bike cop fined over Royal escort collision

Police motorcyclist penalised for not stopping after colliding with car

A POLICE MOTORCYCLIST who collided with a car during a training exercise has been given three points on his licence.

PC Paul Christensen, 43, of the North Wales force, was on a training exercise to prepare for Royal visitors, when the Police Class One rider overtook a Volvo and clipped it as it turned right. But the Christensen failed to stop or even report the accident until he arrived at his destination.

Christensen pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention. His lawyer said the emphasis of the training was to protect the primary vehicle, which could contain members of the Royal family or key political figures. It was hammered home that the convoy should never stop.

Two days before the accident another police motorcyclist on the same training exercise collided with a van on the same road.

Christensen was given a £100 fine and ordered to pay costs and surcharges of £75. He was also given three points on his licence.

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