Average car insurance is 500% more than motorcycles

Soaring cost of car insurance and petrol prices mean motorcycles make even more sense

THE average cost of a fully comprehensive car insurance policy is over five times as expensive as a fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy, according to price comparison website, confused.com

The average motorcycle premium is £142.43, compared to the average car premium of £695.

Couple this with the soaring cost of petrol and motorcycles look like an even stronger propsition to those who commute by car. Studies have proven that motorbikes and scooters offer commuters a faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly mode of transport when compared to cars and public transport.

The study by confused.com shows that the average car premium has risen by 38.2% in 2010 meaning drivers are now paying nearly £200 more than they were at the beginning of 2010. By comparison, the average comprehensive motorcycle premium is just £142.43 and while reports suggest that car premiums are set to continue rising, premiums for bikes, according to one of the UK’s biggest bike insurers, Carole Nash, are expected to fall.

The Motor Cycle Industry’s Get On campaign, an initiative which offers anyone over the age of 16 a free one hour lesson by registering at www.geton.co.uk, has been helping make motorcycling more accessible and converting commuters away from cars and public transport. The recent rises in car running costs will no doubt help too.

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