2008 Suzuki Hayabusa launch report - TWO's first t

According to more informed people than me the Salzburgring was taken off the GP calendar due to the proximity of Armco barriers and big trees. So, as you can, imagine I took the first session more than a bit steady! Well the 2008 Busa only has 196bhp; it's not as if it's as fast as the GP bikes...

First impressions of the bike are that it still feels very much a Busa. It's manically fast and I saw 260 and 280kph on the clocks when I was being brave through one of the fast corners around the back of the circuit. The screen no longer cuts your vision of the clocks in half, which is great and it's comfortable.

The handling is improved, but it's still a big old girl. Pegs go down really easily, but this is a racetrack we are talking about, not a road ride so I wouldn't worry too much about that for everyday riding.

I'm going to check back later with some more videos and images.

Cheers, Jon

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