‘Catch me if you can’ biker arrested

Biker who posted 'catch me if you can' video on Facebook is caught

A MOTORCYCLIST has been arrested after posting a video of himself filtering through traffic at high speed on Facebook.

Alberto Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas, titled the video ‘Catch me if you can’. It was then shared over 10,000 times across the social media site. And he was caught.

The video shows the 27-year-old riding in between cars on Insterstate 35 North, at what appears to be over twice the speed of nearby traffic.

Rodriguez was arrested after police were given a tip-off about a stolen motorcycle in the area. San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers followed the stolen Kawasaki Ninja to Salado Creek Greenway where they encountered Rodriguez and arrested him.

William McManus, Chief of San Antonio Police, said: “When we pulled up on the house, our man ran out the back door and was hiding behind an air-conditioning unit.

It was later found he was already subject to three warrants, including one for evading arrest. He now faces his outstanding felony warrants, a misdemeanor assault warrant and possible charges in connection with the stolen motorcycle.

Javier Salazar of SAPD, told news: “Really all it would have taken was a split second for him to impact the lives of several people possibly killing someone by his very actions.

The stolen motorcycle was recovered as well.

‘Catch me if you can’? Sure thing Alberto.

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