£26,000 raised to help motorcyclist who aimed for ditch rather than hit cyclists

Crowdfund to help with music teacher’s rehabilitation smashes £15,000 target

A MOTORCYCLIST left paralysed after aiming for a ditch to avoid cyclists in a crash is set to benefit from thousands of pounds raised to help with his rehabilitation.

A crowdfund page aiming to raise £15,000 to buy music teacher Chris Toon (pictured above) a specialist wheelchair has so far raised £26,650.

Mr Toon, 32, from Derbyshire, broke his back in a crash on the B5324 near Melton Mowbray on June 11.

Mr Toon told the Nottingham Post: “I was heading towards Melton Mowbray, I was coming up to a blind bend so I slowed down but as I slowed down my back wheel skidded and it started to fish tail.

“I was then dragged onto the other side of the road, as soon as I got round the corner there were about 12 cyclists there in front of me so I decided in about a second because that was all I had, to go into the ditch.

“I flung myself into the ditch and my bike actually went over the hedge.”

He fell down a 30-foot drop and was left paralysed from the chest down.

He told the BBC: "I'd be in a different place if I had hit them.

"I could have killed two or three of them, I could have ploughed through them all. I'm pleased no one did get hurt."

Mr Toon, who remains in hospital in Sheffield, has no immediate family and has been supported by his girlfriend Sarah Knight.

The crowdfund page was started by Rachel Richardson, 41, a friend and colleague of Mr Toon’s who described his actions as heroic.  

She said: "I never expected that we would raise that much, but we need to raise much more as he will need his house adapting.

"The donations have been overwhelming, one man has donated £255 out of his whisky jar."

Writing on the JustGiving page, she said: ‘Chris has many saxophone and flute students, he is a great teacher who inspires his pupils, gets results and makes music fun. His students miss him and look forward to him teaching them again. Chris is determined that he will be back to teaching and playing his flute and saxophone as soon as possible.’

Mr Toon before the accident.

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