Young Adults can't read maps

Satellite navigation responsible for the lack of map reading

RESEARCH has revealed that 67% of under 25s don't know how to read a map and are more reliant on satellite navigation.

The survey polled 1,976 motorists under the age of 25 from across the UK, to understand young peoples' attitudes towards driving. Respondents were initially asked if they were able to read a road map, to which the answer from two thirds was 'no'.

The majority of the under 25s, 83%, said that they had a GPS in their car - whilst only 24% revealed that they had a map. When asked whether it was important to be able to read a map, 74% said that it wasn't.

Putting complete trust into the Sat Nav, 49% said they had gotten lost on a journey. To tackle this 51% said they would ring one of their parents and 32% would ask a passerby for directions. However, only 17% admitted that this made them learn how to read a map, just in case it happened again.

Motorcycle trips for some are mainly about forward-planning, directions taped to the tank or a map in the top of a tank bag. However, the silent invasion of GPS units into the two-wheeled world may have the same result. Do you still use a map or have you converted to directions from a small box?

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