Stolen bikes pinched again – from the cops!

NYPD has 'evidence' removed from under their noses

ON the 26th July, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R Vance Jr stood alongside NYPD Commissioner Raymond W Kelly and announced an international bike theft ring had been busted with the indictment of 33 men involved.

No fewer than 63 stolen bikes had been recovered, mainly modern, high-value machines. The gang's modus operandi appears to have been the old favourite of lifting unguarded bikes into vans and simply driving off. At the time, Kelly said: “This crime ring made motorcycles disappear and illegal guns appear on the streets of New York. The magic act was brought to an end today by NYPD detectives and prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, supported by ATF and US Customs agents.”

They even lined some of the bikes up to be photographed during the press conference.

A triumph of law enforcement, then. Except seven of the recovered bikes have been stolen again! This time, they were taken from the police pound where they were kept to be used as evidence in the case.

It turns out that the bikes were being stored in a truck in a fenced parking lot, with their batteries removed to prevent them from being started. However, the lot wasn't locked, guarded or even overseen by security cameras. And when officers went to check on the bikes, they were gone. It seems they were, once again, lifted into vans and driven off.

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