Pointless motorcycle inventions no.43...

...the Motor Suitcase

IT takes time, effort, dedication and money to pursue a patent on an idea, and that makes some of the more, erm, unusual ones seem all the more incredible.

This little gem has just cropped up. Unfortunately, the applicant didn't see fit to supply drawings of his design, but the first line of its description sums it up: “The motor suitcase is a combination of a motorcycle and a luggage suitcase.”

Just what the world has been waiting for.

And that's not all. Apparently it's “adequately dimensioned to safely carry the stored content as well as the driver.” We presume he means that you can ride on top of it, not climb inside and send yourself around the world via DHL...

While we'd be the last to criticise spelling mistakes – it happens to the best of us – we also particularly liked the fact the motor suitcase is designed to have “adequate wheels with break mechanism.”

Boris Kunc (great name, too) we salute you.

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