Mexican bikers face terrorism charges

Backfiring motorcycles cause crowd stampede in Mexico

TWO motorcyclists from Mexico are facing terrorism charges after their backfiring exhausts caused a crowd to panic and stampede, fearing that there were gunshots nearby.

The suspects' backfiring motorcycles caused hundreds of people to panic at a celebration of Holy Week in the main square of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Both men have been charged under Mexico's terrorism laws and could be sentenced to up to 20 years if they are convicted.

However, there are two versions to the events causing problems with the incident. The motorcyclists say that they were just warming up their engines, whereas witnesses believe they intentionally continued to rev their engines, even after people started to panic.

A state Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation into the events, stating that the blame could be placed at the city authorities, who allowed vendors to set-up stands in the town square without appropriate attention given towards crowd evacuation.

Whatever happened to loud pipes save lives...

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