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'Faulty zip' sees biker lose £5,000 in cash

It's one thing losing a T-Shirt but this is on another level..

Ben Cope's picture
Submitted by Ben Cope on Thu, 26/09/2013 - 09:32

A BIKER from New Jersey had a day to forget when he lost the $12,000 he had in cash in his rucksack when the zip came undone while he was riding his motorcycle.

Matthew Camp had taken the money out of his bank account to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He then set off on his motorcycles with the cash in his rucksack. When he arrived at the jewellers, he saw that his rucksack was open and the cash had gone.

Camp said he was 'sick to his stomach' and called his girlfriend to tell her what had happened and in doing so, spoiled the surprise he had planned.

Police were initially skeptical of his story but headed back along the road with Camp and found New Jersey Highway Authority workers on a roadside-cleaning assignment with $4,000 of Camp's cash. 

Police think one driver may have stopped and scooped up the remaining cash.

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