Buy a motorcycle, get a gun for free

Retail offer of the year

A MOTORCYCLE shop in Florida is pioneering a unique approach to selling machines during the economic downturn - they are offering a free firearm to customers with every bike purchased.

Pinellas Powersports in South Tampa, Florida offer a gift card to every bike purchaser which can be redeemed at a local gun store in exchange for a hand gun. 

Proprieter Ron Pownall claims he was inspired by the recent debate over gun control in the United States - it is clear where he stands on the issue.

He said: 'We like to have the conversation about this because we feel like we're losing our rights, and we want to stick up for that.'

'We’ve received over 100 phone calls this morning from customers wondering about the terms and conditions'.

The new deal certainly appears to be having the desired effect!

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