Arsonists use stolen Volvo to torch speed camera

Rampant law-breakers show total disregard for Swedish engineering excellence

ARSONISTS in Devon found another use for a Volvo earlier this week, when they used stolen one to set fire to a speed camera.

Emergency services were called to Peverell, Devon, in the ealry hours of Monday morning after a blue Volvo 740 had been parked directly below a speed camera and set alight.

It's reported arsonists stacked tyres on top of the car to really get things going.

Local firefighters extinguished the blaze, which completely destroyed the car and melted the camera.

Alan Mobbs, a spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police:

"This was extremely dangerous when you consider the fuel in the vehicle and the electrics inside the speed camera," Mr Mobbs said.

"The fire could have easily spread and created an even more dangerous scenario."

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