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Watch: rider's close call with a lorry

What was he thinking?

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Submitted by Visordown on Mon, 07/08/2017 - 10:18

THERE are lots of rules to staying safe on the road but perhaps the most important is also the simplest: use your noggin. 

It's a rule this rider seems to have forgotten as he blithely overtakes a lorry, incorrectly assuming he will find nothing in his way. 

Dorset Police, who posted the video on Facebook, also aren't happy with the rest of his riding. 

The force wrote: 'We've seen an increase in the number of bikers involved in collisions on Dorset roads.

'Please remember no one is invincible and things can go wrong in a split second.

'Watch the video to the end and let us know how many bad driving behaviours you see here.'

Luckily the rider escaped with a broken leg. 

The force added: 'The rider of this motorcycle was lucky not to be more seriously injured after riding in the manner he was.

'He sustained a broken leg but fortunately did not go beneath the lorry. If you're on a motorcycle, ride carefully, within the speed limits and ride with consideration to other road users.'

Neither has the rider won praise in the comments on the video.

Andrea White wrote: The advert says Think Bike !! But some bikers take so many chances and drive without any consideration for other road users.. this rider should surly [sic] have been done for driving without due care and attention !!!!!'

Alison Crocker wrote: 'Please can we have a sticker for bikers that says THINK CAR!!'

Because drivers are all perfect, aren't they? Um...





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What a pleb, he's lucky he didn't end up under the damn thing.

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