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VIDEO: Driver on phone ignores rider and then swerves front of him

Didn't look too happy when realising she was on camera

Submitted by Joe Murfitt on Thu, 10/08/2017 - 13:08

WE'VE seen these clips time and time again, but the one thing they all lack is a satisfying ending. Until now!

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by iMazTV and shows the moment a motorist was caught on her phone at a set of traffic lights.

Recorded in Ottawa, Canada, the clip shows the rider attempting to gain the driver's attention, as she continues to gawk at her mobile.

As the lights turn green, the rider appears to let the incident slide as he pulls away only for the driver to fly inches past him seconds later. This clearly provokes the motorcyclist as he hounds down the phone-user to the following set of lights, indicating her to turn off. This is where he informs the woman that the entire incident had been captured on his helmet-cam.

CBCNews in Ottawa has since announced that the driver had been charged with careless and distracted driving after surrendering herself to the police. You can read the full report here.

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