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Top 10 winter hacks for under £2000

The nights are drawing in, summer is fading and soon the clocks will change - but you can stay on two wheels regardless

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 21/09/2017 - 12:59

TODAY'S motorcyclists increasingly own more than one bike and if you’re among those multi-machine keepers you’ve got no excuse not to have a cheap winter hack in your collection.

We all know what damage Britain’s salt-ravaged roads can wreak on a bike. Try as you might – whether via endless cleaning, protective coatings or both – if you ride through winter then the exposed parts of your pride and joy will start showing the signs of it.

For some, that’s fine. The patina of year-round use is a badge of honour. But if you’re not one of those people, then you can buy a winter hack for less than the price of rectifying one winter’s worth of damage to your main bike.

What’s more, if you put your mind to it you might even find a winter bike that’s actually more fun, or more capable, in poor conditions than your main ride is. A naked Ducati Hypermotard might be endless fun on a summer’s evening, but on a freezing, wet winter night you’d give your eye teeth for some heated grips and a fairing.

Here are our top 10 winter hacks for under £2000 at today’s used prices. They cover a wide range of styles and sizes so should suit virtually any rider.

Starting with...

10: Honda Deauville

Often dubbed the Dullville for its boring appearance (why are they always brown?) the Deauville is nonetheless one of the ultimate winter bikes. Hunt around and our £2000 budget will find one with ABS – vital on slippery winter roads – luggage and heated grips. Throw in the adjustable screen and not-quite-a-Pan-European fairing and it’s hard to argue with for half the year in the UK.



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