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Electric Bike To Make Motocross Debut

It certainly looks promising...

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 02/11/2016 - 13:59

Josh Hill is set to become the first rider to race an electric motorcycle in a national-level motocross event with Alta Motors Redshift MX.

But could this be the future of the sport?


Noise. Mx tracks everywhere are being encroached by suburbia, where idiots buy houses next to a track, then hire lawyers to shut down the track because of noise. With electrics, you have huge political power and you could run a whole race without anyone knowing (you could also ride anywhere without anyone knowing).

When KTM first released the eride i think it cost a good deal more than a regular dirtbike and a spare battery was another 4K, other than that what bubble said above

2.5 hours to recharge, 251lbs (real weight, there is no wet/dry with electrics). WP, Brembo, MSRP $15KUS.
Nothing has 120ftlbs torque on the MX market.

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