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Watch: thieves frustrated as lorry driver blocks escape

Moped gang flees empty handed

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 15/11/2017 - 11:28

Watch: thieves frustrated as lorry driver blocks escape

THIEVES may be brazen enough steal bikes from busy London streets while threatening bystanders with hammers – but public intervention can still leave them hopping with frustration.

This video shows the moment a brave lorry driver parked in front of a motorcycle bay in Fitztroy Street in central London on Thursday, scuppering a gang’s attempt to steal a scooter.

The thieves strut about in disarray before fleeing empty-handed.

It was filmed from an office and posted on Twitter before being retweeted by Camden Police with the message: ‘Moped enabled thieves are brazen. As this video from @FitzPartnership shows. This heroic @Brakes_Food  lorry driver and even Police, can't be everywhere. A good lock and ground anchor is also capable of stopping these moped thugs!’




Fair play to the driver but lmao at the guy who walks towards them at the end. He has one hell of a case of invisible lat syndrome.

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