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Crowdfund to help riders knifed while trying to stop bike thieves

Appeal to help riders left unable to work after vicious knife attack

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 31/08/2017 - 13:05

Crowdfund to help riders knifed while trying to stop bike thieves

A CROWDFUND page is appealing for support for two riders who suffered a vicious knife attack while challenging bike thieves in London.

Brothers-in-law Luis Felipe and Lincoln Vinicios (pictured above, left to right) were surrounded by an armed gang while trying to recover a fellow delivery rider’s stolen bike in East London at about 7pm on August 21.

The pair had seen the bike being ridden without a number plate and followed the thief, aged about 16, to Canning Town Recreation Ground.

Luis, 37, told the Sun Online: "We stopped, I grabbed his arm and said 'hey that bike is stolen, where is the key'.

"He whistled and three seconds later six or seven guys aged 16 or 17 appeared.

"We picked up the bikes and tried to get out but the guys stayed on the path. We tried to cut across the grass and I fell down and the guys come over for me.

"My brother-in-law helped me and they started a fight. After seconds they go and Lincoln told me 'I have knife wounds' and I said 'me too'."

Pictures published by the Sun Online show the extent of the pair's horrific injuries. 

Dad-of-one Lincoln, 24, said: "I have a J on my stomach forever, I cannot cover it. I have this for all my life.”

The pair are now recovering at home but will be unable to work for at least another three months according to the Gofundme appeal.

The page says: ‘Both Luis and Lincoln were viciously attacked by thieves, armed with knives, earlier this month in London.

‘They are normal family men who work hard to earn a living and support their families and pay their bills.

‘But they were unfortunate to be the latest victims of the outrageous escalation of bike theft, bike jackings and moped enabled crime in our country.

‘In their attempts to help a fellow delivery rider recover his stolen bike, they found themselves surrounded by the armed gang of youngsters responsible for the theft who then attacked them.

‘The photos give you some idea to the extent of their injuries, and although they have just come home from hospital, they will be unable to work for at least another 3 months.

‘We appeal to the biker community and the wider public at large to donate whatever you can afford to help Luis and Lincoln, their wives and children to keep food on the table and pay their rent while they recover from their injuries. Delivery riders, like thousands of other self-employed people, are not entitled to company sick pay or immediate state benefits.’

The page adds that a number motorcycling groups including the Motorcycle Action Group in Greater London have come together as ‘#BikersUnited’, aiming to ‘reverse this crimewave of motorcycle related theft and crime and return the UK to a place where riders can own and ride their bikes in safety’.  

#BikersUnited is staging a ride ‘against motorcycle and scooter crime’ in Central London on September 9, with details to be announced on Facebook.



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