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Is this an ad for bolt cutters or a scooter?

Or could the suggestion be that one brings the other?

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 13/09/2017 - 15:25

Is this an ad for bolt cutters or a scooter?

GIVE a thief a scooter and he'll be back later looking for another. But offer him a pair of bolt cutters and... No, wait. No one would offer bolt cutters as a means to obtaining scooters. Would they?

For reasons unclear, this ad appeared in Gumtree's 'Motorbikes & Scooters' section, even though the item for sale appears to be a pair of bolt cutters, in Fulham. 

The seller has completed all the requisite fields with details of a Piaggio Vespa GT125, and put the ad in the 'Piaggio' sub-section. 

But in the description underneath those vehicle details it says: 'Record 56inch. Full hard steel. Very Good condition. Worth every pound. £80 ovno.'

And of course the picture in the ad is of a pair of bolt cutters. Not a Vespa. 

An innocent mistake?

The ad appears to have been removed after it was re-posted on Reddit, but the cached version is still possible to view, for now. 



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