KTM 690 Duke R


KTM 690 Duke R, 2014, 4,750 mls, 7-month MoT remaining. What sets the R version apart from the lesser standard non-R version? WP fully adjustable forks - KTM orange billet yokes - WP fully adjustable rear shock - Brembo M50 Monoblock front calliper - Brembo radial-pump master cylinder - Akrapovic Titanium silencer gives +2hp - Lightweight Marchesini wheels - Powerparts Ergo seat - Rear-set footrests - KTM orange Engine Bars - Alloy handlebars - Axle sliders front/rear - LED indicators - Transparent airbox cover - Alloy sidestand
2K rear sprocket - Pillion seat cover (replaces pillion seat) – Datatagged.
Excellent condition – pristine in fact. Standard just as it came from the factory, plus extras of Evotech Performance radiator protector, paddock stand bobbins, Duke R Cup tank decals (tank side paint protectors), lever grips & small travel/stash bag (left side engine bars). Oh yes – a #69 and a Dan Kneen sticker in honour of and in memory of Nicky Hayden & said Dan Kneen.
V5, MoTs, service book, owner’s manual, 2 keys & code card, KTM owners zip folder, KTM year books, original toolkit (yes it does contain a bottle opener).
It has 3 ignition/fuelling maps which KTM describe as ‘soft’, ‘standard’ and ‘direct’ but think ‘rain’ ‘street/tour’ and ‘sport’ and you’re there. Yes, there is a noticeable difference between the modes.
At the 2k service the coolant was upgraded to Evans Waterless Coolant.
I bought this from a friend & fellow motor-cyclist whom I’ve known for over 40 years, so yes that does make me a grumpy old git – but less of the old if you please. He bought it from new from KTM dealers ‘Gear4’, and as it was but one in his collection the mileage at a little over 3 years old was only 1,603 when I bought it. So I am the second proud owner.
It is fastidiously cleaned, polished and maintained, and believe me, if I didn’t keep it that way my friend the first owner would be having words with me about it.
It has never been ridden during winter months (‘salt’ is a four-letter word). Although I don’t willingly go out in the rain (too much cleaning afterwards) it has been rained on, as if you ride any distance in the UK being caught in a shower is a fact of life.
It is a performance m/cycle (70+ bhp) in an enduro-weight package, but best of all because of this along with the WP suspension it is really fun to ride.
Read about it here: http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ktm/ktm_690_duke%20r%2014.htm
Why am I selling it? Race reps & café racers are my prime love, but I’ve not been able to ride them for some time due to creaky/stiff/immobile joints, so naked bikes with a more comfortable riding position it’s been for me. However, time still has marched on and as I don’t ride so many miles nowadays I’ve sold off all my other mega-horsepower monsters as I go for bikes that are smaller, simpler and less powerful. Even if the red mist does descend I can’t do anything about it that would involve shall we say tut-tut speeds and perhaps exceeding my abilities.
I will be more than a little sorry for this to go and I know I’ll miss it, but as the saying goes I can resist anything but temptation so once I wave goodbye the go-for-a-ride attraction of its’ power and naughty fun is removed from my grasp.
The description and photos reflect accurately the superb condition. This is a proper connoisseur’s bike, and is a lot, lot more than a one-trick pony as its fine whether in town, country or clocking up boring dual-carriageway / motorway miles.
Does it need or want for anything? It’s not due for a service until 6k miles, but I like to change the oil & filters yearly, so I have said fresh oil & filters all ready to go, and these will come with the sale (or I’ll do the work if you wish).
Any other info you’d like to know please do call me. May I politely mention as a final subject that I do not wish to take any vehicle or motor-cycle in part-exchange, Aston-Martin’s & Bentley’s & Brough Superior’s notwithstanding *grin*.


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6 speed manual

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