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How to… store your motorcycle in winter - 5

5: Rust the job

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 13/12/2017 - 18:07

How to… store your motorcycle in winter - 5

Putting a dirty, damp bike away is a recipe for corrosion disaster, so a bit of work is needed here. Give her a proper deep-clean before laying her up, getting all the dirt, grime, muck and crud out of all the corners, paying special attention to neglected areas around the rear shock, under mudguards and inside the brake calipers. Dry thoroughly, then get to work with an anti-corrosion spray, such as the Sdoc100 shown, which leaves a tenuous layer of oily protection that's hard to shift even when you want to. ACF100 is a popular preparation too, but the important thing is to use something. Even WD40 will do if you've nothing better, though it will need re-applying over the winter. Use a good chain cleaner then a quality lube on the chain and sprockets.

Give all remaining exposed metal a good spray, paying attention to shocks, fork legs, footpegs, exhaust, levers, switches, the lot. Brake discs and calipers are a worry here – you don't want to wreck the pads by soaking them in grease, but you also don’t want the discs, bolts and pins all rotting away over winter. We'd consider a small amount of a thinner spray like WD40 – but be very careful to clean it off with loads of brake cleaner in the spring…

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