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How-to… fit a garage door lock - 3

3. Go to ground

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 12/10/2017 - 17:13

How-to…  fit a garage door lock - 3

Close the garage door, and then mark where the door lock hole lines up with the ground. Then, with the SDS drill and chisel, make a hole in the concrete big enough to take the ground section of the lock. This is a bit fiddly – you'll be excavating a big old cavity in the concrete on front of your door, so keep an eye on the position, checking as you go along to make sure the hole in the door lock lines up.


Good piece on fitting a door lock, just one thing anyone with a set of allen key's can take the part that's attached to the door looking at your last photo.

In the past I've used epoxy resin glue and bunned up the holes that way if you need to take it off you can dig or drill the epoxy resin glue out.

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